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Introducing: Echotape (UK)

Echotape were formed in 2010 by a group of like-minded guys from the music scene in a small, off-the-map town in the South of England. Believing in an honest and passionate approach, the group isolated themselves and began to write songs that reflected their convictions. Their sound has been described as fag-smoking, beer-swigging, string-strumming, floor-stomping, sweat-moping, head-banging, hip-shaking good time rock n roll.

In 2011, one of their early demos found its way into the hands of Killing Joke bassist and acclaimed producer Youth, who is famous for his work with Dido, The Verve and Paul Mc Cartney. On their third meeting, Youth decided he wanted to produce their debut album. With no label or media yet aware of the act’s existence, Youth took a risk by inviting the band to his studio in Grenada, Spain. There in a week they laid down seventeen tracks, recording everything live, with very little separate tracking and Echotapes’s first commercial release, a four song EP entitled “Sky Above Quarley Hill” was born. While still relatively unknown, their debut single “Unstable” made it into the US radio charts.



In April 2013, they released their debut album “Collective”, which was picked up by numerous radio stations across the globe. The band are considered masters of the DIY method as without the backing of a major label, they are fighting tooth and nail to ensure that their music is still getting out there. The band’s own opinion of their recent release is that it is “a work of striking confidence, it’s the result of more than 12 months of penny pinching, opportunism, lucky breaks and hard graft”.


Their new single “Should Feel Like we are in Love” has just been released in the UK, through Believe Digital and Amalgamated Sonic Industries. The single is a pumping, feel good, indie rock anthem that has seen Echotape’s profile and popularity quickly spread. The track has received critical acclaim, it has made single of the week on twenty two different radio stations and is approaching 50,000 Soundcloud plays in the space of a month.

Echotape are currently on a major tour of Ireland and The UK before preparing to take on the festival circuit this Summer.


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